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Creating the best leveling grind game on your server.

What is Leveling/Profile Feature useful for?

Are you having trouble keeping users active on your server? Are you having trouble getting users to come back to your server?

  • ✅ New missions every few hours to entice users to come back to your server.
  • ✅ Beautiful profile cards.
  • ✅ Role rewards for users reaching levels.
  • ✅ Beautiful Server/Global/Voice Leaderboards
  • ✅ Inactivity loses XP encouraging consistent activity.
  • ✅ So many ways of getting XP, it's a full blown addictive game to keep users having fun in your server.
  • ✅ Moderation actions like saying profanity, getting warned/muted will remove XP.
  • ✅ Mods/Admins can give points for good behavior

The leveling features creates a healthy competition on the platform allowing users to level up and grow. Users will have various ways of earning points. For example, users can send nice detailed feedback/bug reports to earn XP. Mods/Admins can create small competitions in the server such as a fan art contest and reward the winners XP.

One of the best use cases we have seen for this feature was to use the leveling feature to generate money. 💰💰💰

  • Every update cycle a competition is held on the leaderboards to pick the winner.
  • The winners would receive in game rewards such as new weapons. This encourages the entire server to be active the entire update cycle to grind and win the rewards.
  • When a new skin comes out, the user sends a screenshot of the skin to a mod/admin and they are give XP as a reward. Encouraging all the users to buy the new skins to win the leaderboards.

Sound good to you? Well, let's set it up then!

Setting Up The Leveling Feature

The leveling feature is built as a core part of Gamer that there is no setup required. Everything is enabled by default as soon as the bot joins the server. There is one thing to customize and enhance the module for your server.

The only part of the leveling module that needs customizing is the role rewards. When a user reaches a certain level we want them to gain that reward. Don't worry if that user gets punished and loses XP they can also lose that role reward.

.levelrole create 3 @Member ~ Gives a role when the user achieves this level.
.levelrole create 5 @Elder ~ Gives a role when the user achieves this level.
.levelrole create 10 @Veteran ~ Gives a role when the user achieves this level.

Now whenever, someone reaches one of those levels they will earn that level's roles rewards.

Customizing The Background

By default, every user will begin with the default background. You can use the .background view command to see how your profile will look in other backgrounds and themes. You can also use the .background set command to set your own background settings.

.help background

Current Available Backgrounds:

1 = Shop Titans

2 = BattleField One Assault

3 = unOrdinary

How To Gain XP

XP can be gained in several ways in the Gamer leveling module. The simplest method is just being active in the server. Everytime you send a message on the server you can gain XP. However, there is a cooldown so a user doesn't spam messages for XP. Using commands is also another form of gaining XP. Certain commands can give you more XP because the usage of these commands help support the costs for Gamer. XP commands are never allowed to be from admin/mod commands. The goal is to keep it fair so only commands that anyone can use grant some XP. There is also a cooldown on Command Usage XP to prevent spamming.

You can also gain XP by sending good feedback to the server. When a user gives you the like reaction, you will gain 3 XP. When a server mod/admin approves your feedback, you will gain 50 XP. Warning: If you send bad feedback, you can actually lose the same amount of XP.

Another way to gain XP is by completing missions. 3 new missions will appear every 6 hours. You can check the current missions and your progress on the missions with the .profile command. Once you complete a mission, a ✅ will appear next to it. Go ahead and let your friends know when the missions are live as well, so you can have a healthy competition. Fair warning, the missions XP can only be earned in ONE server. So make sure to complete the missions on your favorite server!

Can you find the other cool ways to gain XP?


Are you boosted? Am I boosted? Why can't we all be boosted!

Boosting is a new concept that we created in the Gamer leveling module to encourage users to chat more. By default, every user can spend 100 Global XP to earn a 5 times XP booster for 30 minutes. This feature, encourages users to spend atleast 30 minutes in your server, otherwise they would lose XP.


In the future, we will make it so that mods/admins can also gift boosters to the members as a reward for good behavior and such. At the moment, we want to see how this version of boosting works. We will keep an eye on it!

Boosting works on all types of XP. Missions, commands, messages, feedback, etc...


Gaining XP is great, but the best part is about seeing if you are #1 or how far you are from the people near your rank. To do this, we created a beautiful leaderboard command to show you the top 3 players and how far you are from the person above you in rank.

.leaderboard global
.leaderboard voice

In order to check the the position of your friend, just do the same commands as above and then at the end @user.


Mods/Admins have special access to 2 XP related commands. The .xp command can be used to add or remove XP from a user. The .xpreset is a dangerous command that resets the XP of the entire server, everyone in a role or just one user.

.xpreset @user
.xpreset @role
.xp add 50 @user
.xp remove 50 @user

A good team of moderators can take advantage of these commands to make the server a truly amazing place for a discord. Some great teams can even help make $ profits for the game.

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